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This site is like the weather it changes day to day it is up to you to find the changes on the pages, every day.

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This site is funAndGames, However,If you want to BlowDope/Shove it up your ass, Go for it ,by voteing it in as legal. As it stands every time you buy drugs shove them up your ass or blow it out your ass you are supporting the black, white, hispanic murdering gangs that want to bang your young white  daughters/sons and use them as their trained dogs. Your choice. click on the above and see who you are supporting. The Rogue Religious Organizations..Foreign and Domestic are On the Same Level as The Above..


If I have to explain you would not understand.


Updated August 2o.2o16.

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There is Only 1 Motorcycle in the Whole World and that is a Harley Davidson

All others are ScooterPoopers

There is only 1 Biker in the world and that is a biker that rides a Harley Davidson
All Others are ScooterPooperRiders.

This site is dedicated to Entertain/Insult Everyone Equally. If you ainít entertained or insulted we havenít done our job (we, as those of us who think the same).

If you donít have True HighSpeed internet. You will never see this site in itís true form.

Contrary to popular belief (lies) the USA was not founded, based on religion.It was founded and based on

These are The Faces of the Real Men  who Made the U.S.A. Do you think these Men would Approve of the U.S.A. as it Stands Now. All these Real Men Fought and Died to Keep This Country from Becoming what it is today. A Conquered Country Run By Fools, No Borders, Bowing to the Squeaky Wheels rather than Doing all Things For The Good Of The Country First. Would these Real Men allow Foreign and Domestic Criminals to Roam the Streets, harass the masses, at will, allow millions of foreigners to Re.Occupy our Country. Look at the Faces of these Men and Look at the Faces of the Bought Out Fruits and Nuts running our country today.

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Click on the Rat and you will see how we  take care of Foreign and Domestic Rats.

Updated october.22.2o15

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